Carper, Coons, Carney host job fair in Dover for 600 job seekers

DOVER, Del. – A job fair hosted by U.S. Senators Tom Carper and Chris Coons, and U.S. Representative John Carney connected 600 job seekers with more than 50 employers at Delaware State University in Dover on Monday. This was the fourth job fair organized by the Congressional delegation in the past year, and the first of three planned this spring.

“Recently, we have seen good signs that employers are gaining the confidence they need to accelerate hiring in the months ahead,” said Senator Carper. “That is encouraging, and today’s job fair was another step in getting Delawareans back to work.”

“The economy is certainly improving, but that doesn’t mean we can let up when it comes to helping our neighbors get back to work,” Senator Coons said. “Senator Carper, Congressman Carney and I are going to continuehosting job fairs throughout Delaware until those looking for still work in this difficult economic recovery are in a position where they can make a living and provide for their families. Jobs remain my top priority, and I’m optimistic that jobs fairs like this one are having a positive impact on our community.”

“Today’s job fair connected hundreds of job seekers with more than 50 employers looking to expand,” Congressman Carney said. “During my visit, I was pleased to see an array of diverse industries — from financial services and health care companies to nonprofit groups and public safety organizations. The job market is competitive, and I encourage the Delawareans who attended today’s job fair to be vigilant in their follow-up conversations with prospective employers. I look forward to next week’s job fair at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center.”

The delegation’s next job fair is set for next Monday, April 30, from 10 to 3 at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center in Rehoboth Beach. Its third job fair is scheduled for Monday, June 25, from 10 to 3 at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington.

For more information or to pre-register please call 302-573-6345 ore-mail