Carper Meets with President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernandez

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.), a senior member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, released the following statement after meeting with President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernandez. 

“Today I met with President Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras to discuss his administration’s efforts to uphold the Plan for the Alliance for Prosperity in the Northern Triangle, a multi-lateral agreement to improve economic and social conditions in the countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. President Hernandez cited efforts by his administration to crack down on drug trafficking, make progress in public education and jumpstart steady economic growth by investing in roads, bridges, ports and airports. He shared promising signs that Honduras is rooting out the corruption, violence and dire economic conditions that compel so many of its citizens to flee to the United States. While more progress can always be made, I commend President Hernandez for his efforts to improve life for the people of his country, and for working with his neighbors to find commonsense solutions to persistent challenges.

“Our insatiable demand for narcotics in the U.S. is partly to blame for the violence and widespread organized crime that affect Central American countries. As such, we have a moral obligation to help address these problems through a thoughtful strategy to stop people from fleeing the Northern Triangle in hopes of finding a better life in the United States. 

“Working to address the root causes of migration will also help our own security. During his nomination hearing, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kelly said that our nation’s defense of the southwest border must start 1,500 miles south of the United States, through strong international partnerships. I agree, and today I reaffirmed my steadfast commitment to the Alliance for Prosperity to President Hernandez. I welcome the opportunity to engage with President Trump and his administration on efforts to strengthen our relationship with Honduras and the countries of the Northern Triangle, and on efforts to uphold our nation’s promise to these countries through the Alliance for Prosperity.”

In January 2016, Senator Carper traveled to Guatemala and El Salvador where he met with the leaders of the Northern Triangle nations, including President Hernandez, President Jimmy Morales of Guatemala, and President Salvador Sanchez Ceren of El Salvador. In July 2016, Senator Carper hosted President Hernandez in his Washington, D.C. office.