Carper Statement on Confirmation of David Friedman to Serve as U.S. Ambassador to Israel

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Tom Carper released the following statement after voting against the nomination of David Friedman to serve as United States ambassador to Israel.

“During my time in public service, I’ve had many enlightening opportunities to travel to the Middle East region and meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders to discuss the prospects for peace. I strongly believe that the two sides of this decades-long conflict are capable of achieving peace through a two-state solution, a goal that requires consistent and engaged leadership by the United States. I fear that the Trump administration has made inflammatory statements that undermine this goal. In his capacity as a campaign advisor to President Trump, Mr. Friedman openly questioned the need for a two-state solution.

“Over the past months, many members of Delaware’s Jewish community have voiced their concerns to me that Mr. Friedman’s track record of divisive statements is not only concerning, but disqualifying as our next ambassador to Israel. This kind of reckless rhetoric, translated into policy, could threaten prospects for a peace agreement and ultimately undermine Israel’s security. Unfortunately, Mr. Friedman’s hardline views, lack of diplomatic experience and volatile temperament leave me no choice but to oppose his nomination.”