Sen. Carper Responds To Geithner Testimony On The Budget

WASHINGTON – A member of the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) issued the following statement today after questioning Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner at a hearing about President Obama’s FY2011 budget proposal, which was released this week.
Sen. Carper, a moderate who seeks common ground with colleagues on both sides of aisle, asked where consensus could be found on strategies for growing the economy and creating jobs in the upcoming year.
The senator was pleased to hear Secretary Geithner list specific, practical actions that the government can take to foster job growth such as the creation of a Small Business Lending Fund, loan guarantees and tax cuts for small businesses to create jobs, extension of the Recovery Act tax relief, financial reform, investing in education and a focus on encouraging research and development.
“The President’s budget lays a clear path for finding common ground; not Democratic ideas or Republican ideas, but steps we can all agree will create good American jobs while reducing historic deficits,” said Sen. Carper. “I applaud the President’s cap on non-discretionary spending because as families in Delaware and across the nation are budgeting, so the federal government should, too.”