Sen. Carper Closely Monitoring GM Situation In Delaware

WASHINGTON – Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) issued the following statement in response to news today that General Motors (GM) plans to undergo a massive restructuring of its operations and financing:

“Our Senate offices continue to monitor the GM restructuring situation as it unfolds.

“We are in contact with senior GM and UAW officials both in Delaware and in Detroit.

“Our goal is to protect, to the best of our ability, the interests of Delaware, and especially the workforce at the GM plant on Boxwood Road.

“There is a remarkable spirit of labor-management cooperation that has infused virtually everything that happened at our GM plant for many years.

“It’s largely that cooperation that has enabled the Boxwood Road plant to survive while every other auto assembly plant on the East Coast has been closed over the past two decades.

“We will continue to work closely with company and union officials as well as with local and state offices to provide full support for the employees at the GM plant, their families and our entire community.”