Education Debate Begins in Senate, Carper to Play Role in Raising Student Achievement, Increasing Education Funds

WASHINGTON, DC – The Senate today kicked off its debate on how to help raise student achievement and increase federal funding for education. Having implemented accountability standards, enacted public school choice and begun a growing charter school movement in his state as Governor, Delaware Senator Tom Carper is expected to play a vocal and lead role in the debate. Carper spoke briefly from Washington, DC about the direction the debate will take and Senate’s shared goals on what could be a divisive issue. The interview will be available via satellite and radio actuality line at 4:25 pm today. If Carper speaks from the Senate floor, parts of that speech will also be available via satellite and the actuality line. SATTELLITE COORDINATES: Time: 4:25 – 4:30 pm Telstar 6 Transponder 8 D/L 3860 RADIO ACTUALITY LINE: (Available at 4:20 pm) 1-800-511-0763, Pin Number 1967