Carper Announces US Forest Grant Awarded to Wilmington and Newark

WASHINGTON, DC – U. S. Senator Tom Carper (D- DE) today announced that the U.S. Forest Service has awarded the Delaware Center of Horticulture a $120,000 grant to establish a tree inventory database in Wilmington and Newark. The database, which will be used as an urban forest management tool, will transform the current process into one that is both proactive and comprehensive. By partnering with Wilmington and Newark, the Delaware Center for Horticulture will utilize the grant money to create an inventory of all park, landscaped areas, and trees along utility corridors. The inventory will provide information helpful in prioritizing hazard tree removals and aid in communicating urban forestry needs to city councils and residents. “The inventory system will help as a valuable educational tool, promoting awareness of the urban forest as not only an environmental resource but as an economic resource as well,” Senator Carper said. “I believe that every resident in these communities will benefit from this grant.” Senator Joe Biden and Rep. Mike Castle joined Carper in his efforts to support the DHC grant application. This grant marks the first time Title 8 funds from the U.S. Forest Service have come into Delaware.