Senator Carper Endorses Biden Plan To Pay for Iraqi War Costs

WASHINGTON (Sept. 17, 2003) – Senator Carper today lent his support to legislation offered by fellow Delawarean, Senator Joe Biden, that would reduce the size of the latest Bush tax cut for the wealthiest one percent of Americans in order to pay for the war in Iraq and not further exacerbate our nationâ??s growing deficit. President Bush recently requested $87 billion to cover the costs of ongoing military occupation in Iraq as well as reconstruction of the war-torn country. While Senator Carper supported the military action in Iraq and believes the United States should continue its presence in the region, Carper said we should be willing to sacrifice at home in order to pay for our actions overseas and not add to our ballooning federal deficit, which could approach $600 billion next year. “I have always said, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth paying for.” If carrying out our mission through to success in Iraq is important, and I believe it is, we need to be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices,” said Carper. The Biden legislation would adjust the tax rate for those in the upper-income tax bracket – Americans whose average income is about $1 million a year – in order to raise enough money to pay for the latest budget request on Iraq. Senator Carper also implored the Bush administration to develop a clear and comprehensive plan to achieve our objections in Iraq. “The people of Delaware want honest answers. What is our plan for success? When will our servicemen and woman be coming home? How are we going to pay the bills? Senator Biden has provided a responsible answer to the last question. Only the president can answer the rest.”