Carper Will Visit Dover Air Force Base Today, and Share the Nation’s Support for the Noble Task it Performs

DOVER, DE – Accepting an invitation from the Wing Commander at the base, Senator Tom Carper will visit with workers at the mortuary at Dover Air Force Base today to express the nation’s support for the noble task they perform. Since Thursday, military personnel at the mortuary have been working to identify the victims of the Pentagon bombing. “I probably speak for all Americans in wishing there was never a need for the bodies of slain Americans to return home through the mortuary of Dover Air Force Base,” Sen. Carper said. “The servicemen and women at work in Dover must face each day the heartbreak and horror of this attack against our country. They need to know that our nation is grateful for their service. In this time of tragedy, we honor them for the dignity and respect they show to the fallen on the way to their final resting place.” Carper, a 23-year veteran and retired Captain of the United States Navy, will visit the base from 12:30 to 2:00 pm. Dover Air Force base is closed to the media while the identification process continues. For more information, contact Brian Selander at 302-598-3622.