Senator Carper to “Stand For Freedom” Today

WILMINGTON, DE – To stand unified as a nation, we must reject prejudice and bigotry. That’s the message Senator Tom Carper will give to Delawareans today as he joins Mayor Jim Baker, the National Conference for Community and Justice and others at a “Stand for Freedom” rally today at Rodney Square in Wilmington. “I see an America more unified than at any point in my lifetime. In the wake of our great tragedy, it is a tribute to our nation that we have come together so strongly in support of the families of the fallen,” Carper said. “Sadly, in their anger, a small number of our fellow citizens have allowed the specter of bigotry to get the better of them. When we allow the claws of prejudice to tear apart our community, we give our enemies a victory. Today, we stand together to reject that hatred.” WHO The NCCJ, Mayor Baker, Senator Carper, others WHAT: “Stand for Freedom” Unity Rally WHERE: Rodney Square, Wilmington, DE The Wilmington Parking Authority is offering free parking at their lot at the Wyndham Hotel on King Street. WHEN: 1:00 pm, Sunday, September 23, 2001