Sen. Carper Applauds Establishment Of Blue Ribbon Panel

WASHINGTON – Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), chairman of the Senate Clean Air and Nuclear Safety subcommittee, today applauded Department of Energy Secretary Stephen Chu for the establishment of a Blue Ribbon Panel to determine a future nuclear waste policy.
Sen. Carper said: “Nuclear power provides safe, reliable, clean power every day and must be part of our nation’s energy portfolio if we are going to meet our air quality and climate change goals.
“One nuclear facility can generate enough electricity for three million homes each day, without emitting any greenhouse gases or deadly air pollutants.
“However, it is time this country has a serious discussion about what we are going to do with our spent nuclear fuel.

“We have time to get this right. We have the technology to safely store nuclear waste for fifty years or more while we map out a long-term solution. But we cannot wait fifty years to decide on path forward – we must start the discussion today.

"This is why I applaud Secretary Chu’s decision to move forward with a Blue Ribbon Panel to investigate the technical and policy options for a national long-term nuclear waste strategy.”