National Guard Members Offered Financial Protection

DOVER, DE – The homes and financial health of our National Guard members should not be put at risk because they have been called up to service, so Senator Tom Carper has co-sponsored legislation to protect them. At the Delaware VFW convention today, Carper will announce that a key Senate committee approved legislation to do just that. “National Guard members put so much on the line to protect our safety and serve our nation. Their homes and financial health should not be at risk as well,” Carper said. “Delaware’s National Guard is there for every emergency. We need to be there for them.” The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee reported favorably a bill that extends the protections of the Soldiers’ And Sailors’ Civil Relief act to those members of the National Guard who have been mobilized by our nation’s governors for service in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. National Guard members are currently protecting our borders and providing security in our airports and at our chemical and nuclear facilities. When they are called to service, they often take leave from higher-paying jobs to fulfill their service. The legislation will protect them from being evicted from their homes or having their homes foreclosed on because they’ve taken a pay cut to serve their state and their country. It will place a ceiling on the interest rates that their creditors can charge them while they’re away from their civilian jobs protecting the public. WHO: Senator Carper, Delaware Veterans WHAT: Announce Protections for National Guard members WHERE: Dover Sheraton, Dover, DE WHEN: 11:00 am to Noon, June 7, 2002