Carper statement on resignation of EPA Administrator Whitman

WASHINGTON, DC – Sen. Tom Carper, D-DE, issued the following statement about the resignation of Christine Todd Whitman as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency: “I was surprised to learn today of Christine Todd Whitman’s decision to resign as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. As governors of neighboring states working to resolve issues affecting Delaware and New Jersey — or now as we sought consensus on clean air legislation — I have always found Christie willing to listen to reason and fight for solutions that are both effective and innovative. In the process, we also became close, personal friends. It will be a challenge for the president to nominate a new administrator who is as capable of working across the aisle on what are some of the most important responsibilities we face – ensuring cleaner and safer air, water, and communities for the nation. But he must meet that challenge if we are to make progress on these crucial issues.” “I wish my friend and her husband, John, the best as she returns to her home in New Jersey.”