Carper and 200 Educators to Talk Welfare Reform in Dewey Beach, Bayh-Carper Reform Bill Focus on Discussion at DE Adult and Community Educators Annual Conference

DEWEY BEACH, DE – Over 200 educators will talk with Tom Carper tomorrow about the next step in welfare reform. Carper will focus on the “Bayh-Carper Work and Family Act” at the DE Adult and Community Educators’ Annual Conference. “Adult education is a key to getting people off of welfare and into the workforce. The ultimate objective must be to help those on welfare achieve independence, and the Adult and Community Education Network plays an important role in that,” Carper said. The Bayh-Carper Work and Family Act aims to build on the successes of the landmark welfare reform bill passed in 1996 by setting bold objectives to put work first and strengthen families while giving states the resources and flexibility they need to accomplish those goals. Carper, who as Governor reformed Delaware’s welfare system and reduced welfare rolls by fifty percent, is introducing the bill with Senator Even Bayh of Indiana, who serves as Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council. WHO: Adult Educators, Senator Carper WHAT: Discussion on Welfare Reform WHERE: Rudder Town, Dewey Beach, DE WHEN: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm, Friday, March 22, 2002