At Delegation’s Urging, FAA Agrees to Include Delaware in Airport Traffic and Noise Study

Washington, DC — Delawareâ??s Congressional Delegation received official notification today that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has agreed to study the impacts of aviation noise on northern Delaware resulting from proposed improvements to Philadelphia International Airport. Since this summer, the delegation has worked with the FAA to ensure northern Delawareâ??s inclusion in the scope of the impact study, considering the potential implications the airport expansion could have on Delaware residents. Currently, there are three alternatives being considered for the airport expansion. Two of the three alternatives could significantly increase air traffic over the Brandywine Hundred area. In a letter to the FAA Administrator, Senators Joe Biden and Tom Carper and Congressman Mike Castle pushed for the inclusion of Delaware in the study, arguing that because of the proximity of the airport and the existing noise problems, the impact on Delaware must be considered. â??Thousands of residents in our state routinely endure disruptive noise over their neighborhoods from airplanes flying in and out of PHL (Philadelphia International Airport.) We believe the impacts to those residentsâ?? quality of life must be taken into consideration as the FAA seeks to determine the overall impact of the proposed changes to PHLâ??s infrastructure and operations,â? they wrote. Today the delegation received a letter from the FAA indicating that it has agreed to include northern Delaware in the impact study and inform area residents about potential changes in the noise level.