Senator Carper Reaches Out To Glenville Flood Victims

Carper Visits Devastation in Glenville and Surrounding Areas

Wilmington, DE- Today, Senator Tom Carper toured the devastating damages in Glenville and the surrounding communities from Monday’s storm. Senator Carper surveyed the damage in the area and met with Bill Marino, President of the Glenville Civic Association, and New Castle County officials including the Chief Administrative Officer and the Police Chief. “The devastation in Glenville is tragic,” said Carper. “Homes and memories that took people years to build were destroyed by mother nature in a matter of hours. My heart goes out to these families. I reiterate that I will do all that I can on a federal level to help these victims.” Carper had an opportunity to talk with members of the community about the serious nature of the damages and about his call yesterday to Michael Brown, Under Secretary of Emergency Preparedness and Response at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He informed them that FEMA is well aware of the plight of the residents of Glenville and that they have already dispatched FEMA officials to the site to conduct property assessments. Over 185 homes in the community were declared unsafe or uninhabitable by New Castle County building inspectors. Four years ago, when this same neighborhood was hit hard by Hurricane Floyd, then-Gov. Carper lent his support in helping the community get back on its feet.