Sen. Carper’s Statement on Keystone XL Pipeline

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Carper issued this statement on the Keystone XL pipeline:

“I’ve long supported an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy approach that develops existing sources of energy like oil and natural gas while also investing in new, renewable sources like wind, both offshore and onshore, and solar. In the past, I voted against efforts to force the President to approve the Keystone pipeline project without doing due diligence in assessing the environmental and economic impacts of the pipeline and taking into account state-level concerns. I am fully confident that with the leadership of Secretary John Kerry, the Department of State will conduct a full and thorough review before it comes to a final decision. That is why I will continue to support the Department of State, and ultimately President Obama, continuing their deliberation process for this project. I voted for the amendment to give budgetary flexibility if the project is ultimately approved, allowing us to incorporate any economic benefits we might see from the pipeline into the budget baseline. With that said, as long as the global demand for oil remains high, industry will continue to expand the production of tar sands oil as an energy source regardless of whether there is a pipeline or not. The real solution to reducing the production of tar sands oil and reducing the impacts of climate change is to decrease the global demand for oil and put a price on
carbon – both of which I strongly support and will continue to do so in the Senate.”