Sen. Carper’s Website Honored Among Best in Congress

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Sen. Tom Carper’s (D-Del.) website was honored as one of the best websites in Congress and given a 113th Congress Silver Level Mouse Award by the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF), a nonpartisan nonprofit working to improve communications between citizens and Congress and enhance operations in Capitol Hill offices.

“I have long advocated that Congress should lead the way in being the most open, transparent and accessible legislative body for its people, and I’m honored to be recognized for my part with this award,” Sen. Carper said. “My top priority is to do the best that I can to be accessible to my constituents, and in the modern digital age it is imperative that my online presence is equally effective as my traditional office. Whether I’m in Delaware or Washington on a given day, I want Delawareans to know what I’m doing on their behalf and learn how they may become more involved. While I am proud of this achievement,  I’m going to continue to look for ways to build a better two-way, open communication with the people of Delaware through online and offline channels.

“By demonstrating exceptional accountability and transparency in online communications Senator Carper not only provides benefits to his constituents but the entire Congress,” said Bradford Fitch, CMF president and CEO. “Senator Carper should be congratulated by his constituents, applauded by advocates of good government, and emulated by congressional colleagues.”

Reviewers assessed 10 categories of criteria: usability of website; timeliness of content; breadth and depth of information on issues; constituent services and casework information; promoting accountability to constituents; legislative process information; district/state information; floor proceedings information; availability of diverse forms of content; and availability of diverse forms of content channels.

You can download a copy of the report here.