Sen. Carper Statement on Marriage Equality

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) released the following statement on this issue of marriage equality:

“I was proud to support Delaware’s Civil Union legislation, which was passed last year and took effect earlier this year. I haven’t yet taken a position on federal legislation to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act or legislation to recognize gay marriage at the federal level. This is a complex issue that’s been debated vigorously in states across the country and it raises important questions about how to treat gay couples who want to have the same benefits that married heterosexual couples currently enjoy such as healthcare benefits, tax and inheritance rights, and Social Security survivor benefits. To date, states have been addressing this issue individually adopting or rejecting legislation granting both gay marriage and civil unions, but, ultimately, I expect that the courts will have the final say in this matter. I respect the President’s announcement today and believe it will encourage more discussion. As for me, I’ll continue give this issue a great deal of thought.”