Carper Endorses Centrist ‘Tax-Cut Trigger’

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Tom Carper today announced his support of the “Tax Cut Trigger,” a bipartisan agreement that would tie new tax cuts to reductions in the national debt. The decision follows discussion with constituents in “Tax Cut Town Meetings” Carper held throughout Delaware during the Senate recess. From the university town of Newark to the state’s corporate center of Wilmington to more rural areas, Carper presented to constituents the details of President Bush’s tax cut and asked for their feedback. At every meeting, Carper heard strong support for the idea of tying new tax cuts to successfully achieving reductions in the national debt. “What I heard from family after family was the need to pay down or pay off our national debt. We should cut taxes for everyone, and I hope we will. But we must also tackle the national debt while we are best able to do so,” Carper said. “You don’t buy a new Jaguar when you’re drowning in debt – you buy a Saturn and pay off your bills.” As a Congressman, Governor, Chairman of the National Governor’s Association and now Senator, Carper earned a reputation for being a tax-cutter. As Governor, Carper reduced taxes seven years in a row while balancing eight budgets. Carper cut taxes for everyone, including reducing taxes by 50% for a family of four making $40,000 a year. He also eliminated the marriage penalty and the inheritance and gift tax.